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08 Aug

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The 6th Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the right to an attorney to anyone dealing with federal criminal charges. The 14th Amendment and some state constitutions also afford this right to anybody fighting state felony criminal charges. Those who are indigent and cannot afford a lawyer have the right to have one appointed for them for no cost. Many people, nevertheless, do not comprehend what the right to an experienced criminal defense lawyer indicates, when this right attaches or who qualifies for a court-appointed lawyer.

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If you’re charged with a serious crime, it is important which you retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight for your legal and constitutional legal rights throughout the criminal justice procedure. Get in touch with the Best Houston Criminal Defense Attorney about your case right now.

Federal and State Law

The right to counsel is really a fundamental right of criminal defendants guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Numerous states also incorporate this right in their constitutions, and a few states provide a broader scope of the right to counsel than the federal constitution. Nevertheless, defendants facing state felony criminal charges are nonetheless entitled to counsel, even when the state constitution doesn’t offer such a right, under the federal constitution via the 14th Amendment.

Attachment of the Right

Criminal defendants are afforded the right to an attorney throughout each and every critical stage of a criminal proceeding as soon as the right has "attached." Under federal rules, the defendant’s right attaches once "adversary judicial proceedings" have been initiated against the defendant. This includes when the defendant has been arrested for or indicted for a criminal offense and during a preliminary hearing, information and arraignment.

Thus, for the right to attach, the defendant has to have been charged with a criminal offense. It does not attach if the individual is simply suspected of committing a criminal offense. It doesn’t attach during the investigative stage prior to the filing of actual, formal criminal charges – even when the individual is the only suspect. A charge, without having formal charges, also does not trigger the right to a lawyer. This doesn’t mean, however, that an individual being investigated for a crime cannot employ a criminal defense attorney on his or her own.

Once the right has attached, the state cannot interfere with the defendant’s right to seek counsel and has a duty to guarantee the defendant’s right is honored. The right isn’t available in civil or administrative proceedings or during license suspension or revocation hearings.

Appointed Counsel

In order for a criminal defendant to receive a court-appointed attorney, the defendant can’t simply be unable to afford the representation of a lawyer of his or her choosing, but must meet the meaning of an indigent. The trial court has the authority to ascertain whether or not a defendant is indigent. Some jurisdictions have guidelines dependent on income that allow individuals meeting the criteria to be presumed indigent. Other jurisdictions, however, don’t have any sort of guidelines and have to make the determination on a case-by-case basis.

In those states that determine indigence on a case-by-case basis, the court must look at the defendant’s total financial circumstances, such as his or her income, assets, debts and other financial obligations before deciding if the defendant could afford to pay for a criminal defense lawyer. Consequently, just because a defendant is unemployed doesn’t guarantee he or she will be appointed counsel.

Defendants receiving court-appointed attorneys do not have the right to have an experienced criminal defense attorney of their choosing. If the court finds that the defendant is indigent, the court will assign a public defender to the defendant. The right to appointed counsel only extends to the trial and the first appeal of the trial court’s verdict.

Waiving the right to A Lawyer

Just as virtually all criminal defendants have the right to a criminal defense lawyer, they also have the right to self-representation and can waive the right to a criminal defense attorney. In order to waive this important right, criminal defendants must be able to establish to the judge that they’re competent (have the mental capacity) to waive this right and that their waiver is knowing, intelligent and voluntary. The judge has to make sure that the criminal defendant is aware of the disadvantages of self-representation before allowing the waiver.

Defendants considering representing themselves in a criminal trial should carefully take into consideration the consequences of this action. Criminal defense attorneys have a great deal of training and understand the intricate, and often confusing, workings of the law and criminal justice process. Given the complexities of criminal procedure and, most importantly, the significant consequences a criminal conviction carries, a criminal defense attorney is best suited to protect defendants’ legal rights and help them achieve the very best feasible outcome.

Houston Criminal Defense: Employ the Best Houston Attorney

If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal offense, you have the right to a criminal defense attorney. It is imperative that you begin working with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible within the process, even if you have not been formally arrested for a crime. To learn more about your legal rights, contact the Most Effective Houston Lawyer right now.


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