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14 Sep

Houston Drug Crimes Lawyer

All drug charge convictions bear severe consequences, but the state of Texas makes every effort to crack down on drug manufacture cases. From meth labs to marijuana grow houses, in the event you or a loved one faces criminal charges surrounding the cultivation of drugs; you want to speak to the Best Houston Drug Crimes Lawyer before taking any type of legal action on your own.

The Best Houston Attorney will have many years of experience protecting the arrested within the courts all through Texas and will be prepared to answer your concerns and reduce the damages facing you following your drug manufacture arrest.

Whenever you initially step into their office, the Leading Houston Drug Crimes Lawyer will talk about your case, talk about what actually transpired, and how the charges you face might be affected by a earlier criminal record. Listening to your side of the story, they will help you discover any and all potential defenses.

Understanding your side of the story is essential. They’ll let you know about the court in which your criminal charges are being heard. In all cases, they’ll wish to listen to your side of the story prior to beginning to fully assess your options.

Hire The Most Respected Houston Drug Crimes Lawyer

Texas defense attorneys see numerous drug distribution cases because of the sheer volume of interstate highway traffic. Sadly, it is all-too-easy to move drugs along the interstate highway system in all directions. In particular within the Houston area, our law enforcement officers have noticed patterns when looking for drug traffickers. It’s typical for cars to be stopped along northbound interstates and for large amounts of drugs to be discovered. When suspect automobiles are stopped heading southbound, big amounts of currency are sometimes discovered. Whether the criminal charge will be sale, distribution, or drug trafficking depends upon the kind and also the amount of drugs in question. However the difference you face in penalties is considerable.
A first degree felony drug conviction usually results in a minimum five-year jail term, but in large-scale drug manufacturing or drug distribution cases, prison terms can jump to a minimum of 15 years.

If excessively big sums of United States currency are discovered in your vehicle (or perhaps a vehicle you’re riding in), you may face criminal charges of money laundering. Amazingly, the penalties at the federal level for possessing large amounts of cash are similarly harsh to those for possessing big amounts of drugs.

You could also discover yourself fighting conspiracy criminal charges, something federal prosecutors might add on to drug crime cases.

The Most Dedicated Houston Drug Crimes Lawyer will have handled many state and federal drug cases in Texas courts, from drug manufacturing cases involving meth laboratories and marijuana grow houses to international drug trafficking. No case is too big or complex for their firm to handle.

Seizure of Assets

Law enforcement officers doing drug interdiction work have the legal right to seize assets that had been utilized in furtherance of a criminal offense or bought using the proceeds of criminal activity. This means they not just confiscate drugs; they also seize cash, cars, boats, other personal assets as well as real estate. The police or law enforcement agency might then sell the property and keep the proceeds or just keep the property and assets altogether for their own purposes. This is especially typical with vehicles.

Asset forfeiture sometimes goes too far, with the law enforcement officials taking property and assets that does not belong to anyone charged with the criminal offense, assets that in fact belongs to totally innocent family members or third parties. The Most Respected Houston Drug Crimes Lawyer handles asset forfeiture cases, helping clients battle to recover seized assets .

Building Your Drug Manufacture Defense

Most drug manufacture criminal charges, whether they involve marijuana or methamphetamines, are heard in state court. Quite often, marijuana grow houses and meth houses are identified following informants report activities to the authorities.

If you have been turned in by a third party, the Leading Houston Drug Crimes Lawyer will attack the reliability of the source. Nevertheless, in every case the quality of the evidence is different. That is why we consider potential actions on a case-by-case basis.

Get in touch with the Most Qualified Houston Drug Crimes Lawyer for a complimentary consultation. They’ll fight hard to safeguard your rights all through the legal procedure.

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