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11 Aug

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Many states have strengthened their laws on domestic violence, making arrest and prosecution mandatory regardless of what the alleged victim wishes to do.

No matter how your state or county handles allegations of domestic violence, it is important to mount a vigorous defense. If you have been charged with domestic violence, you may perhaps be facing an uphill battle.

Contact the Top Houston Criminal Lawyer in order to discuss your case and develop a strategy for fighting the charges.

What is Domestic Assault?

Domestic assault is both physical violence and emotional abuse, including threats, intimidation and control. Domestic violence is frequently an assault or battery against a spouse, intimate partner or cohabitant, but it also can occur against a child, elderly relative or other member of the household or family.

Domestic Assault Arrest

A conviction of felony or misdemeanor domestic assault can result in severe penalties. The defendant may serve time in prison or jail; pay steep fines; undergo anger management or other counseling; and suffer personal repercussions like divorce, loss of child custody or an unfavorable property settlement during divorce proceedings.

Domestic assault is taken seriously by law enforcement personnel and prosecutors. It is vital to be able to have a competent, experienced defense criminal defense attorney on your side. Lawyer Charles Johnson will stand by your side and safeguard your legal privileges.

Although the procedures and policies vary by jurisdiction, domestic assault arrests and charges follow a general pattern. When the police are called to a residence, by an alleged victim or someone else, they will appraise the situation and determine whether there exists probable cause in order to arrest an individual accused of domestic assault.

At the arraignment, the defendant will learn about the specific charges against him or her, and the defendant’s lawyer will consult with the defendant about what kind of plea to enter. The judge will decide whether the defendant will be granted bail and, if so, how much the bail shall be.

In many court cases, the defendant shall be ordered to have no contact — direct or indirect — with the alleged victim. Consequently, the defendant cannot go home, if that’s where the victim lives, and the defendant must not call or speak with the victim.

In some jurisdictions, whether or not the victim decides not to go forward with the charges, the case continues. A number of reasons, established on both history and public policy, tend to be behind this practice.

Houston Domestic Assault Defense: Hire the Most Dedicated Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer:

As the justice system has come to comprehend the social and legal results of domestic violence, the penalties for conviction of domestic assault have grown to be steeper. Every state, however, has a different approach to handling domestic assault court cases. This is why it is so important to consult an experienced lawyer who is familiar with your local court system. Seek the help of the Finest Houston Attorney to be able to learn more about what you can do to assert your protection under the law.


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