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18 Jul

Most Qualified Houston Criminal LawyerAfter allegedly failing a breath test or field sobriety testing, a Houston driver might feel that fighting drunk driving charges is hopeless. This could not be further from the truth. A competent DWI defense attorney can conduct a complete investigation into each and every single aspect of a drunk driving case to determine the way to develop the most successful defense technique possible. Even though you might have been told that you had failed a blood test or acquiesced to a breath test and the result showed .08% or greater (above the legal limit) there are ways that your attorney can challenge your charges nevertheless.

The very first step to take to fight your Houston drunk driving case is to get in touch with an attorney. The Most Dedicated Houston Attorney will provide a confidential consultation to speak about your case and how they can approach your DWI defense. With their experience in this particular field and dedication to protecting clients’ rights, they will be able approach the matter swiftly and effectively.

Hire the Leading Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer!

You will find different methods your lawyer might employ in challenging drunk driving allegations. Generally, a defense will target one or more particular violations of procedure or of a defendant’s rights. For instance, the defendant may have been unlawfully stopped by law enforcement or might have been arrested without the police officer establishing probable cause. A breath test might have been administered by an individual untrained in these specific tests. A blood sample might have been mishandled. These are all examples of circumstances that might provide the Recommended Houston Criminal Lawyer the opportunity to effectively challenge your charges.

Keep in mind: In the event you plead guilty to DWI, you will be found guilty of DWI. In the event you don’t fight your case, in the event you go into court and plead guilty to drunk driving and throw yourself on the mercy of the judge and prosecutor, there is a 100% chance that you will be found guilty of drunk driving after your DWI arrest.

If you request a jury trial, and the prosecutor cannot convince all 12 of the jurors of a defendant’s guilt, there’s no conviction. That means you’ll walk away with a clean record! There are 3 potential results following a jury trial: all Twelve agree on the defendant’s guilt; all 12 agree on the defendant’s innocence, or some vote one particular way and some vote another. The latter outcome is recognized as a “hung jury”, and in the event you happen to be the defendant in a DWI case, you are happy to have one, because it will most likely mean that the case will be dismissed.

This all means that you and your lawyer only need to convince one of the 12 jurors to vote not guilty to be able to win your DWI case. One out of Twelve. The alternative, frequently, would be to throw oneself on the mercy of a system which has no mercy. Isn’t that reason enough to fight your case? It is so important to take the time to speak with the Most Effective Houston Criminal Defense Attorney near you to begin preparing your approach!

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